Last month we were fortunate to film our first Scottish Borders Wedding, at the beautifully situated Shieldhill Castle near Biggar. Although I have second shot for others at weddings down near Melrose, it was a joy to be able to exercise my own creative style in the lush surroundings. It was a mixed bag weather wise, with torrential rain completely ruling out any nice footage of sun drenched drinks receptions on the lawn. But then we were blessed with a tremendous golden hour sunset which was a godsend to shoot the couple in.

Shieldhill Castle - Scottish Borders Wedding

The sky even cleared up to show a clear, starry night, but any notion of doing a astro-lapse were quickly killed off by the over eager halogen security lights.

Scottish Borders Wedding

My interest in Scottish Borders weddings is familial. My paternal ancestors were mostly labourers and tenant farmers down in Dumfriesshire and I share the pleasure of a borders identity which straddles the northernmost counties of England and southernmost of Scotland. The join between two nations cemented by a common interest; cattle rustling.

But the marches are a more docile place these days and many wonderful weddings are held across the beautiful Scottish Borders region, and beyond to the south. If you would like us to document your Scottish Borders wedding in our own unique style, do get in touch today