Monday morning and we’ve a new wedding highlight film to share with you.

Gerry & Clare got married in St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh followed by a reception at Shieldhill Castle, near Biggar, in the Scottish Borders. It’s probably one of the most logistically difficult weddings I’ve ever had to shoot, but that was a by-product of having lots of great content to fit in.

The itinerary was packed and involved a lot of locations. First up was at Colpamia Cafe at 9am for the groomsmens’ breakfast, followed by filming groom preparations at Gerry & Clare’s flat nearby, followed by filming bride prep at Clare’s mum’s house a few miles away, followed by a drive into the city centre to film at St Mary’s, followed by a circuitous drive (and very sweaty job up) to Calton Hill, followed by an hour long drive out to Shieldhill. Oh, and I was shooting solo.

Two things that were self-evident from this experience; one, all weddings from now on will be shot with two shooters; and two, Google Maps and RingGo apps on my phone saved me a bunch of time, which was in short supply on this job. You can read more about these in our favourite apps post.

In terms of the edit itself, the difficulty was pulling all the various threads together. I never go into a wedding edit with a template. It would in some ways make life easier, but in some ways harder. All weddings are unique and my job, and what seems to be the inevitable outcome, is to produce a highlight which is an accurate representation of the wedding. In this wedding, it is evident that the gathering of friends was the key theme. That and the joie de vivre of the couple.

Sometimes a wedding highlight film edit builds from the front, sometimes I work out the end and backtrack. This time was pure fluke. I was listening to the speeches, trying to find the usual audio which helps to tell the story. I listen to the project audio in Premiere and play tracks on Musicbed in my browser. On this occasion two points in each audio aligned to create harmony and the edit went from there.

I threw a few techniques at this one, the odd timelapse, a bunch of time remapping, crash zoom, etc but only using them if they served the edit and the story. Nothing should become a distraction.

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