My job is to convince people to commission us to capture their wedding, at no small cost to them. Perhaps it would help them to know that I am not a hypocrite by sharing my wedding film.

Today is my wife and I’s fifth wedding anniversary. Before I waffle on, I ought to just state that not a day goes past that I don’t think; “my boy, you are truly punching”. Every wedding I film reminds me that I am very lucky to have met someone who is so much my soulmate and so very fore-bearing of my many faults.

At the time I was managing an international charity in London and not planning on becoming a wedding filmmaker (a life changing circumnavigation honeymoon sorted that out). The first two things on our wedding budget were a filmmaker and Cairn String Quartet.

We had already seen some wedding films by, what was then, Scotland’s most prominent wedding film company. They were already booked so we started looking further afield and a night of exasperation followed as we looked at all the suppliers without success. Then, we spotted a tiny one line name and number in the Scottish Wedding Directory

Little Love Films

We clicked on the link and watched a few highlights with baited breath. The footage was superb, the timing was right on the button, the emotion and story telling aspect was better than anything else we had seen. We fired off an email immediately. Thankfully they were free.

When we got the highlight through, we were on a train to London and watched it on a faltering 3G signal on my iPhone about 40 times, then in my office in London on the computer about another 40. Since then we’ve watched it many, many times. And actually, time has almost changed the context in which we watch it. Some people are no longer alive, but some people who weren’t alive then are now able to enjoy it. It must be a surreal experience for a toddler to see their mum and dad on the TV, but ours loves it.

my wedding film absent friends

A series of random incidents later and I found myself as a wedding filmmaker. Thankfully for me, Little Love Films has since ceased making wedding films. The owner, John Duncan Filmmaker, who is now a firm friend and mentor, now spends his days making insanely good films for people like Fujifilm and the Historic Scotland, winning international awards for his viral aerial cinematography and advising my wife on choice of flooring tile. So I benefit from the reduction in competition but the huge wealth of knowledge which he has acquired.

Funny, being a small wedding of 30, my wife and I had a discussion about whether there were any friends we’d want to add to that select group if he were married now. I said; “oh, I’d invite John  … hang on, he was there anyway”.

Looking back, memory of the day still serves well. I remember vividly the moments; seeing Emma walking down the aisle, saying the vows, enjoying seeing so many friends together, doing some silly dancing. But our wedding highlight totally encapsulates all of that, so it’s an amazing insurance policy against fading memories.

my wedding film the vows

As well as John, we had the equally lovely Zoe Alexandra (photos via link) taking photos (still in touch with her too) and we showed good judgement in choosing them, as We Fell In Love blog chose our wedding as one of their weddings of 2013.

So we are not just trying to make a sale when we say you should get a wedding film. We mean it. Even if you don’t choose us, make sure you get one. We wrote a blog post all about this, which you can read here. If you do want to be one of our exclusive 15 weddings per year, then drop us a line today.