We’re pleased to be able to share the news that we have joined the ranks of Love My Dress’s Little Book for Brides.

love my dress little book for brides

You can now find us in their list of suppliers, in the Little Book for Brides, at


From what we’ve heard, they run a really supportive community for brides, so if you’re planning your wedding, maybe hop over to their closed Facebook group (which is free from suppliers like me so you get honest opinions, apparently).

We are very selective in our choice of partnerships. We elected to pursue a strategy of slowly building a client base of people who align with our values, rather than a mass marketing approach. Limiting ourselves to 15 weddings per year means that the pressure to sign up clients is less, which therefore means that we can really concentrate on working with clients who we fit with. We feel the Love My Dress and its Little Book for Brides is exactly the sort of place where we can meet with interesting couples with interesting stories to tell.

Here’s to a fruitful partnership.