You should hire a wedding videographer. There. Point made. Blog over.

What’s that? You feel I ought to justify myself a bit more? Oh go on then.

So the question I ought to answer is; why should you hire a wedding videographer?

The secondary question is; why should you hire Peony Films? And I’m going to pass the buck on that one and say that that decision is your personal preference. We can promise hard work, integrity and a commitment to telling your story in a timeless fashion. If that suits your vision, get in touch.

So back to the first question;

Why should you hire a wedding videographer?

At the risk of going Buzzfeed-esque listical, here are some bullet points

1.) You’ll be able to relive the day

The true cliche is that wedding days fly past in a blur. You’ll have half remembered dreams of fleeting moments, smiles, tears, speeches, body popping on the dance floor. But with a wedding film, we capture all of these. You need only press play to suddenly be immersed back in that day, a bit like Sam in Quantum Leap (or, for any of you not born in the 80s; like delving into Dumbledore’s pensieve bowl)

scottish wedding videographer fireworks

2.) You’ll be able to, however temporarily, resurrect your long lost loved ones.

I’ll give an example of this for you, from my own personal experience. My wife’s grandfather was a character. He may have only been about 5’2″ but he had been through the ringer in the Second World War, through North Africa, Normandy and beyond. He had a glint in his eye that hinted at a fair amount of stories to tell, beyond those which were appropriate to tell. About 6/7 months after we got married, he passed away. But because we had a wedding videographer, there is rich, HD evidence of that glint, which we can show to our children and their children. Moving pictures have so much power in this respect.

3.) You’ll be able to show future generations a piece of family history.

Touching on the point above but imagine the day your grandkids announce they are getting married and ask you what your wedding was like? You’ll be able to show them. And, you’ll be able to tell them; “Look, there’s your great, great uncle Balthazar who ran off to sea to become a pirate and rum smuggler” (don’t we all wish we had this relative in our families?)

Bride, Bridesmaid, Flowergirl - Olympic Lagoon Resort Destination Wedding Cyprus

4.) You’ll actually see all the stuff you missed on the day itself.

Spent ages deliberating over flowers, or bunting, or favours, etc? Chances are you won’t even notice them on the day. Looking forward to seeing friends catching up but were off talking to your aunt’s friend Mable who knew you when you used to perform made up plays in her front room, dressed as a lobster? In all cases, there’s a decent chance that a wedding videographer will catch those moments.

scottish wedding videographer guests candid laughing

5.) Photos are brilliant, but different.

Hats off to photographers. They possess a skill which I can barely comprehend. They’ve got to capture everything in one frame which says everything about that moment and they have to nail exposure, etc in an instant. So your photos will be like the best freeze frames imaginable. An album of wedding photos by a good photographer will be like someone having hit the pause button at just the right time, 500 times. A film will weave together many elements, including audio and music to replay your day. Making sure the images help tell the story is key to a wedding videographer’s job. If you want a really good photographer, we can recommend some.

6.) Blackmail opportunities.

There’s that one guy who got a bit merry and decided to perform a cameo with the band, but got emotional and cried his way through his rendition of Lady in Red? Great to have that on film.

scottish wedding videographer ceilidh

 *      *      *

Now here’s the rub. It costs money and not an unsubstantial amount. We are mid range and still require you to part with a decent chunk of your savings. But rest assured that most wedding videographers worth their salt will put so much time and care into planning shooting your wedding, shooting it, processing all footage, synching audio, editing, refining the edit, etc that they’ll probably end up at minimum wage per hour. It is a massive amount of work to do it properly. But;

7.) It’s a lot cheaper than Netflix

We’d also argue (and before becoming a filmmaker we put £2000 where our mouths are to get a good wedding film) that while it is a large initial outlay, you’ll be watching the film for years to come. Assuming I live to 80, that’ll be 50 years of having those memories on tap, which equates to £40 per year, or £3.34 a month. I pay double that for Netflix alone.

Ben & Linzi Destination Wedding Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos, Cyprus

8.) People who don’t get a wedding film often regret it.

When you are busy planning your wedding, you’ll see the day itself as the end point, with the exception of perhaps a honeymoon. They rarely think about the day after the wedding, or the week or month after, when the dust has settled and you are left happily married, how will you feel? Will the post-wedding blues have set in? Will you wish you could hear that amazing speech again? Or hear each other say your vows again? Not having a wedding videographer is reported to be the biggest regret of brides.  It’s easy to dismiss a film before the event when it is all there ahead of you, but once its over, what would you give for one?

To give you an idea, try watching films such as Natalie & Ross’s Edinburgh summer wedding, Linzi & Ben’s Cyprus Destination Wedding, Kate & James Rustic Barn Wedding or Richard & Nicola’s Scottish winter wedding and imagine how your day and your friends will be captured in a film.

But … even a bad one?

Look, to be honest, saying someone is a bad wedding videographer is unlikely to be truly accurate or fair. As long as they capture the spirit of your wedding then everything else is ancillary detail. In all honesty, in 30 years time, you’re not going to care if the loving words your dad says about you are on grainy, wobbly film, with tinny, echo-y audio and bracketed by checkerboard transitions with elevator music over the top. You’ll just love seeing him speaking again with words of tenderness.

So if you can’t afford a cinematic filmmaker, get someone who’ll do a more basic job and charge £500 and you’ll still think it worth it. Or, if that is too much, get a mate to film your vows on their smart phone at the very least. Just please, please, get them to hold the bloody thing landscape.

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