One of our main intents as a company is to work on charity video campaigns. Back in early 2015 we produced a series of fundraiser videos for the PBC Foundation for a charity fundraising event they were holding.

As part of the overall opportunity presented by the occasion to raise awareness of Primary Biliary Cholangitis (formerly known as Primary Biliary Cirrhosis). This disease is an autoimmune condition which affects the liver, sometimes resulting in cirrhosis and the requirement for a liver transplant.

The charity video films themselves are fairly basic as it was done completely pro-bono and with no budget, so only free stock music was an option. However, once a template was set up it was fairly easy to produce an edit for each competitor quickly and efficiently. Although we were applying a formula to the films i.e. interview overlaid with training b-roll, the individual circumstances and stories were all different and therefore each film was unique.

The benefit to the charity was clear, with spikes in fundraising being observed each time a fundraiser shared their video publicly. Further to this, the aim of the charity is to raise awareness of PBC and the local interest aspect of the event got picked up by the STV regional websites for Dundee and Edinburgh, which is a huge boost to potential audience exposed to information about PBC. It helps to emphasis the impact that a charity video campaign can have.

In the end, the 9 fundraisers brought in over £8500 between them, which is pretty incredible and we were happy to have played a part in helping them raise funds and awareness.

To read the article in full on the STV website, click the link below;

To learn more about the PBC Foundation, the condition of PBC and more, visit

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