Amy & Adam’s Wedding Film // Scottish Festival Wedding // Harvest Moon

Epic. In every sense I can think of. In scale, in planning, in levels of revellry, in attention to detail, even in landscape. Amy & Adam’s fantastical Scottish destination festival wedding was the most fun to be part of.

Based at Harvest Moon Weddings, near North Berwick in East Lothian (along the coast from Edinburgh), this wedding was a four day festival of solid Aussie bon homie.

Great location for a festival wedding

Amy and Adam are big travellers. They have travelled all over the world both together and apart and they wanted to have a holiday camp for their wedding, where they could bring all of their friends to have a great festival in an outdoor location, completely customised to their taste. The shortlist included Canada, Wales and Harvest Moon Holidays in Scotland

It has many things going for it; firstly, it has a private beach, which is geologically the same sandy idyll as the famous Tyninghame beach just down the coast. That is regularly listed as one of the best beaches or wild camping spots in the country so that’s a great start for a venue which has on site luxury safari tents.

It also has a beautiful pine woodland, where you can also stay thanks to the treehouses. Ceremony locations, depending on weather, tend to either be on the beach or in the woodland and I reckon that the forest is the best option. It is almost definitely my favourite ceremony setting ever. This is partly because it was dry, but the tall pine trees, planted commercially I suspect, form organic cathedral pillars stretching up to an evergreen canopy. The photographers, the lovely Sam and Diane from Green Antlers Photography, possess encyclopedic knowledge of mushrooms and forest was a treasure trove of them. Alas, someone else locally knew of the value of them and the day after we visited for a recce, the entire woodland had been stripped of everything but a few pockets of chanterelles. It wasn’t us, I don’t even like mushrooms that much. But the forest floor of thick moss and old needles which mushrooms love so much also provided a sort of sound insulation, which mean that it was a really peaceful place. With a few bales set out, it was a truly wonderful location.

Perfection in planning, success in spontaneity

This wedding was planned to the absolute last detail. I mean, planning one wedding is pretty demanding, but planning a four day package holiday for friends from around the world is full on mind blowing. I got the impression, and the speeches paid testimony to this, that Amy is a total force of nature who Carpe’s the Diem harder than a hungover Scot seizes their Irn Bru. Definitely fills the unforgiving minute full of 60 seconds worth of distance run, as the poem says.

But an itinerary which included so much, too much to itemise here, might suggest at someone who is something of a control freak, a bridezilla, one who cannot handle the idea of things going awry on her wedding day. That is where Amy cements her legend status. She nailed all the planning, but once that was done, whatever happened was just an adventure waiting to become part of the bigger story. A classic example, and one I cite a lot when it comes to not worrying if things go “wrong” was the wedding dress v full glass of red wine moment.

Early on in the meal, somehow a full glass of red wine was spilled over Amy’s dress. If you asked any bride what the very definition of a nightmare would be, staining a white bridal dress with red wine might be up there among the top five examples. But Amy totally owned it and before she came back into the marquee after mopping off the worst of it with her bridesmaids in the loos, someone queued up Red Red Wine by UB40 on the sound system and she burst into the room, dancing, shortly joined by everyone else in the room. Nice one.


Laid back, but well packed

The schedule was fairly hectic but one which absolutely maximised the few days they had in the area. Day one was a tartan clad rendezvous at Waverley, followed by highland games at Winton Castle, with a hog roast in the evening.

Then the next day, Friday, we had 8am yoga, followed by three separate outings (one golf, one historic castles and a third group went trekking). Sam and I were racing about trying to catch all of these and more surprisingly, we managed it. Then there was a pub lunch in North Berwick, followed by beach cricket, followed by a massive bonfire and wood fired pizza from the fellas at Big Blu can.

Then we had a wedding day, which was pretty much normal in format, with the exception of a flash mob!

Finally, the last morning saw a hungover brunch and people starting to make their way home.

And I returned home with almost half a terabyte of footage to sort through. Though this sort of schedule could have been punishing, it never felt anything other than relaxed and joyful. Hats off to Amy for pulling that rabbit out of the hat.

If you’d like us to capture your festival wedding, drop us a line today.