Lauren & Finlay // Kinkell Byre, St Andrews // British Military Wedding

Lauren & Finlay were married in an intimate church in St Andrews but with the full splendour you’d expect of a British military wedding.

An officer in the Royal Regiment of Scotland, Finlay was dressed in full No1 service dress, was piped in by a piper who only days earlier had been piping for the Queen in a state banquet in Buckingham Palace and had a full honour guard as you’d expect of a military wedding.

Lauren is a yoga instructor and with Finlay being a CrossFit mad infantry officer, they were always going to be good models and the light, landscape and love & laughter between the two of them at Kinkell Byre made for an easy day’s shooting.

We were contracted by Lauren’s Uncle as a wedding gift for the couple and it proved to be a wedding which drew upon the many talents of friends and family, with Lauren’s cousins singing at both the ceremony and for the first dance. Suffice to say, they were very good singers.

It was also great to be working with Zoe from Photos by Zoe again. She is an absolute maestro at photography but that is only half of the value she brings to a couple. She manages their day so well, basically serving like an additional wedding coordinator, sorting anything which comes up. I always have fun working with her and this occasion yielded some good memories of us prostrate on the sodden grass to get the perfect angle of the couple in the portrait session.

Kinkell Byre is a great venue to work in as well and I cannot sing the praises of Stevie (the all round lighting, sound, tech guru there) enough. He is a grafter, keeps the day running perfectly and, AND, is the only time we’ve ever managed to get a perfect feed from a sound desk. Essentially, as well as placing microphones directly, if we can plug into a sound desk, we get a recording of everything which runs through the house microphones. So the quality of the audio on the speeches is entirely down to Stevie. It’s the second wedding we’ve shot there, the other being Lawrence & Rebecca, and hopefully we’ll be back in the near future.

If you’d like to have us capture your day, as we did Lauren & Finlay’s, then drop us a line today.