Lucy & Johnny’s Wedding Film // Solsgirth House, Kinross-shire

Lucy & Johnny got married in a Scottish Castle near Dollar

Tell us about your day?

In a few words…. We honestly felt like our wedding day was exactly how we had wished it to be: one big party from start to finish!

How did you meet and become engaged?

We were set up on a ‘blind date’ by our mutual friends Rachel and Callum, all went so well that Johnny decided to propose 8 months later on Christmas Eve! I woke up on Christmas Eve to a flat covered in roses and so the wedding dream began!

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?

The inspiration for our wedding definitely has to have been from good old Pinterest! I love everything white & so the wedding was very much based on pale neutral colours to keep the look simple but elegant. I recommend this app to any future bride… It gives inspiration for every single taste imaginable! Why did you choose your venue? We took quite a while to find our dream venue and the minute we drove into the surrounds of solsgirth house we knew it was the one! We were keen to have a country manor style house that could accommodate our guests for the whole weekend and be exclusive to our wedding party. My dream was to have the reception in a marquee and to get married outside. Solsgirth house could provide all of the above with alternative options had it rained. I would have been equally happy to get married in any part of the venue. I personally think it’s beautiful!

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?

All of my friends that had previously married said that the video was their favourite keepsake from their wedding day as it captures parts you couldn’t possibly take in with the hustle and bustle of your busy day. I could watch our video endlessly!!!! It really is the best keepsake!

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?

It’s soooooo difficult to say one part…. I loved the vows being read throughout the highlight film however I think my favourite part is how rob captured the guests all dancing and having as much fun as we did on the day! Oh that really is a difficult question to answer! I love it all!

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?

We both have exactly the same tips for all you future brides and grooms…. It’s the quickest day of your life so don’t waste time being nervous in the morning, so from the bride: do what I did, dance and party from the minute you open your eyes! What’s there to be nervous about, you’re marrying the man of your dreams! Take every minute in, especially that last moments with your daddy, they are so special! Try to get round and speak to all your guests if possible…. But most of all…. Just enjoy it! And don’t stress whether everyone else is enjoying themselves, they will be!

Any unexpected moments?

I actually don’t think there were…. The father of the brides speech!!!! He sang his way through it. But it was the best!!!