Eilish & Ross // Scottish Highland Wedding // Luss, Loch Lomond

Eilish & Ross were married in the picture postcard village of Luss, on the shores of Loch Lomond, in the autumn of 2019. Their wedding had so many unique elements; the landscape of the area, the perfectly written ceremony, the alpacas, the barnstorming performance by Clanadonia, It was sheer perfection.

We asked the guys to give a few insights into how they met and went about planning their wedding. Everything below is written by them;

Tell us about your day
Simply put, our day was even better than what we had imagined. It was magical! We reckon we had a ceremony that people will remember for a long time, as we had a best man “forget” the rings and return with surprise Alpaca Ring-Bearers. That was just the start of a fun filled day. After the ceremony we had Clanadonia lead our full wedding party & guests down to the shores of Loch Lomond for a wee jamming sesh. The nighttime guests weren’t left out either. We had some surprise Irish Dancing and a good ole Ceilidh! Quite honestly it was the perfect day and we would love to do it all over again but don’t think we could top it! Besides, we’ve got the perfect wedding video to look back on, so we can relive it whenever we want!

How did you meet and become engaged?
We met when we were both working as ground crew at Glasgow Airport. We had been going out with each other for a good few years, when Ross popped the question down on the beach, whilst Eilish was picking up the dog’s mess! Eilish asked to see the ring first of course. Priorities!

Where did you find inspiration for your wedding?
Our venue, on the Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond did all the work for us. We basically wanted a big party and to keep the guests as involved as possible. We weren’t about disappearing off for 2 hours to get photos taken. The guests are there for you, so you need to spend time with them as the day goes in so fast.

Why did you choose Luss and the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel?
Luss has always had a special place in Eilish’s heart as her Gran & Papa would always love a wee trip out there when she was growing up. It’s such a beautiful & mysterious part of Scotland and the Loch Lomond Arms was the perfect venue to make the wedding how you wanted it. It was like a blank canvas. The food, hospitality and atmosphere just made it our dream come true!

Why did to choose to have a video of your day?
As many couples do, you spend a lot of time, money & effort pulling your wedding together. At first, we weren’t going to have a videographer, but then realised we have so much going on and parts that we, as the couple might miss, you’d be crazy not to have a video to look back on.

What was your favourite part in your highlight film?
Literally all of it! The intro with the drone over Luss coming in towards the venue with snip-its of Clanadonia, seeing our guests mingling & full of excitement. The buildup of both of us getting ready before the ceremony. The reaction to us seeing each other at the ceremony. The dancing. The fun. It was just epic!

Any tips for future Brides and Grooms?
We spent days, literal days, scouring the internet and local sites & trawling through reviews & recommendations trying to find a style that we really liked. From day one, Curious Robin Films (as they were at the time) were in our top list. We just kept coming back to their website and re-watching videos. It just felt right and we totally fell in love with Rob’s style of shooting people’s perfect days. You seriously cannot go wrong with these guys! They really know their stuff and the results speak for themselves!

Any unexpected moments?
Probably the beautiful ray of sunshine that came out of nowhere whilst we were all partying with Clanadonia down by the shore. The morning had been quite drizzly and overcast and then out of nowhere when we came outside, this glorious sun came through and kept us all warm. Eilish’s Maid of Honour made a comment that it was her Gran & Papa looking down on her!

What a beautiful sentiment at the end, I remember that patch of light and amongst all the grey it was like someone had studio lit the scene for us, One another note, how lovely is this photo by Jules of Ross and his gran;

jules barron loch lomond wedding