Kayla & Chris // Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Kayla and Chris is a transatlantic love story, where the American girl meets her Scottish match amidst the romantic streets of Edinburgh. They married in the spectacular Dalhousie Castle near the Scottish Capital.

Kayla came to Edinburgh to study for her masters and went on a date with Chris (with the fail safe of a Disney hero or villain codeword to be texted to her best friend should the date be going well/badly respectively).

Obviously it went well and after years of long distance relationship, Chris moved to the US, leaving behind his native city of Edinburgh. But her whole family is connected by the long threads of ancestry to Scotland. Being a Ferguson by name, her family had some distant roots in the borders of Scotland, a tartan (yes, yes, caveats accepted on the origins of tartan) and a motto; Dulcius ex Asperis – sweeter after difficulty.

Now this is where it got very interesting for me, as my middle name is Fergusson and there is a long family connection there. Indeed the motto is one I often kept in the forefront of my mind as I worked on my wedding business in the early days; working on it in the small hours in addition to my main job, once the family were in bed. In those days, going on an average of 3hrs sleep a night some weeks, the truth that putting in the hard yards would lead to a better place kept me focussed and motivated. I say this not to make this post about me, but rather to say that this wedding felt like some fated, stars aligning kind of moment, when I found myself in a position of earning a living full time as a filmmaker. Kayla and Chris was almost like the completion of that circle, the sweeter after the difficulty.

It was a great day, with both Kayla and Chris being super chilled folk, totally relaxed and great to spend the day with. John, the photographer, and I really had an easy job shooting these two and their guests. Also a particular highlight was sharing the wedding day with the Sleekit Beasties, who are as fine a wedding band as you could wish for. Great fun, great music and just excellent at raising the energy levels in the room.

All in all, it was the perfect Edinburgh wedding for this Scots-American couple and we were delighted to be part of it.

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