Readings can add the extra level of personality, relevance, gravitas and emotion to a wedding ceremony. An Alternative wedding reading can also bring that level of uniqueness to your day. As a filmmaker, we are always keen to capture readings because they can give us a really powerful structure around which to base a film. Important because the couple have chosen them because they are pertinent to them, so you automatically get something which informs the narrative. Valuable because they have usually been written by a great writer and also because they are usually performed well. The words are read, with no expectation of being memorised or improvised. There is no sense of content being judged, because they didn’t write it, so readers are more relaxed. They usually have a lectern, so composing a shot is simpler, recording audio is less troublesome.

We’ve heard many great readings, from a range of sources including biblical, poetic, literary and even the US Office. There are certainly no shortage to choose from. So when I was asked to give a reading I happily agreed. Then they broke the second part of the request; would I write it?

You see, the couple didn’t feel like any readings hit the bill in terms of accurately describing the hard work that goes into building a strong marital relationship. They were full of inspiration and romance, but none talked of it actually being a work of compromise and adjusting to each other. Tolerances and patience being tested and developed because underlying all of it is a really fundamental love. We want to be together so let’s work out how, and so on.

So, in writing this alternative wedding reading, I thought a metaphor would be best and so, metalwork seemed appropriate.


For over a thousand years, the ebb and flow of history was largely determined by two things; marriage and bronze.

Bronze was not rare, but held great value for those who possessed it and was coveted by those who did not.

But it is not gold, or silver, or any of the seemingly pure and precious metals which we hold in high esteem. It is an alloy.

Two different metals, both malleable enough to adapt but vulnerable to damage, existed in their own natural environments, in the dark, out of sight of each other. For them to realise their purest form would take much work to break free of the ore that surrounded them.

It took a happy accident, around the friendly hearth, in the warmth of the fire and the company of friends, for these two metals to start to blend together.

And in that, a miracle happened; they were each strengthened by the properties of the other.

It took time though, much trial and error and heat and pressure and failure and success in the ordeal of the blast furnace for the perfect balance to be struck.

Only then, this molten mix is poured into a new mould, a new form which the world will see and everyone will celebrate and cherish.

And. if this valuable new creation is maintained, sharpened and polished, it will keep its cutting edge and ethereal lustre until the end of time itself.


Do feel free to use this reading if you like, though it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. If you do use it, drop us a line to say hello.