Create your perfect package


At the core of what we do is a simple thing; capture your wedding day on film and distil it down to create the perfect memory.

Beyond that, the possibilities for what you can actually commission as your wedding film package are diverse and open to individual taste.

So, start by looking through the base packages below, then follow the link to tell us about your requirements and chat about the optional extras you can add.


So we used to do the standard three packages, but then realised that people were probably being shoehorned into choosing the sort of package that kind of met with their desires. So we thought, let's scrap that.

Now, all packages start with a simple cinematic memory film onto which you can add whatever you want e.g. a second shooter, a longer edit, drone footage etc. That way you can get exactly what you want.





Additional days of coverage

If you're having a multi-day wedding, you may want your film to reflect the whole event, rather than just the formal wedding day. It really does add more to the film, as everyone is more relaxed and/or excited. You can see things being set up, family BBQs taking place, etc. We'll have one guy there, discretely capturing all that.

Just select as many days as you want.

Additional camera operator

If you have a very large wedding, e.g. in excess of 250, then it may be prudent to hire another camera operator to capture as much of the day as possible.

Second Camera Operator

A second camera operator allows us to properly film elements such as ceremony and speeches from a second angle, which means that we can provide full edits for speeches and ceremony with this. It also allows us to cover far more of your day by being in two places at once.

Drone footage

In order to avoid increasing the cost of all our packages we haven't yet invested in a drone, but more importantly the licences and insurance required to operate one commercially. Our style doesn't require drone footage generally, but we entirely see how it could be used to great effect in a suitable setting.

We will only use CAA approved drone operators with proper public liability insurance. Depending on the nature of the shots you wish, we would either book them for a day or a half day.

We would say that our style would use drone footage for beautiful establishing landscape shots, so a half day will normally suffice. That would mean a few hours on the site, including set up and pack away time, plus some travel time.

If you would like establishing shots and some artistic aerials of your couple shoot as well, which would usually be about 6/7 hours apart then simply choose 2 x Drone Footage to get a full day.

Once you have them, we can direct them all day.

Super8 Film Footage

What is more timeless than using film, capturing the same footage as your grandparents would have had on their wedding.

We have a couple of Super8 real film cameras and can film key moments in your wedding day. This can either be cut into digital footage as part of your main films, or combined with an instagram edit to create a totally unique Super8 Instagram film.

It does cost a bit though, with film and processing, but we give you the processed reel of footage so you could, in theory, play the clips on a projector, or clip out a key frame and put it in a locket.

Extended highlights

Love the idea of a highlight film but wish it was just that little bit longer? Extended Highlights will do just that, taking your 3-5minute highlight film up to 6-8 minutes.

Instead of just one music track, which is normal for a highlight film, we'll use two or more and, obviously spend more time carefully crafting the edit.

Engagement film

Wedding films are lovely, but they don't tell the full story of you. An engagement/couple film will be far more relaxed to film. Basically we get you to do something that you love doing together e.g. taking the dog for a walk, going out for drinks, cage fighting, etc and film you in your natural environment. We'll also sit you down, together and individually, to have a chat about what it is that you love about each other, and also more elemental stuff such as how you met, what quirks do they have, etc. It'll be a conversation and we'll edit that into a short film of around 2 minutes in length.

You may want it a standalone piece or we can put graphics on the end to make it your Save the Date, It also gives us more footage to bring into your main wedding film, if it is suitable.

Feature film

Longer 15-25 minute edit of your wedding day, featuring a similar style to the cinematic memory film but including more footage, longer sections of speeches and ceremony and general more chance to soak in the moments of your day.

Instagram edit

We'll cut together a special edit of just under a minute for you to upload to your instagram account. We use export settings that are suited to instagram and the edit will have a complete sense of the day encapsulated in this short edit. It may include audio from speeches or ceremony but this isn't necessarily guaranteed.

Files are usually emailable, but if they are too big we can use Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer to send them to you. Then you can upload to Instagram.

Raw footage

We provide you with all your footage from the day on a hard drive.

We've no idea why you would want this, as it is a huge collection of clips which are completely unedited. But perhaps you are a budding filmmaker and want to practice on your own wedding day footage. Or perhaps you want to create small films for friends based on a specific moment.

To give an example of the scale of the footage, a tightly edited feature film will usually be 1.5-3GB in size, depending on effects and filters in the edit. RAW footage will usually be anywhere from 150GB to 200GB of footage.

Bear in mind, you can only use this for personal reasons and cannot use it to launch your own wedding company or for any stock or commercial purposes, as we retain the copyright.