About us


Congratulations, firstly. So much planning goes into a wedding and after the day is done and the dressed dry cleaned and packed away, what then? A wedding film will provide a unique opportunity to relive the emotions of the day. It is a Wonderland-esque opportunity to step straight back into a moment in time. So, should you decide to get a wedding video, the next big decision is who to choose. After all, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time with them on the day and living with the work they produce for the rest of your life, so here’s a bit about us.


Hello there. I am Rob and I am the fella behind the camera at Peony Films.

Seven years ago I filmed a wedding of some friends as a present for them. Since then, I have shot weddings all over Europe but Edinburgh is where I call home. It is a city which inspires all creatives and no area more so than the Shore in Leith, where our studio is.

My approach to filming a wedding is to observe, hopefully as unobtrusively as possible. I want to capture natural moments. When in close proximity, you’ll find me to be relaxed and keen to help you enjoy your day.

When it comes to editing, I am more influenced by the past than by today’s temporary trends. Story is key: it’s all about finding your unique story.

Away from weddings I will most likely be found wandering around Edinburgh Botanics, Zoo or a Historic Scotland property somewhere with my two wee boys.


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